Lifehack for males | Stop looking at Photos of Girls you Don’t Know

Lifehack for males | Stop looking at Photos of Girls you Don’t Know

It’s 11 pm.

You’re not heading out. You may keep the room. But, not the home.

The farthest you’ll travel today is the length through the refrigerator, towards the restroom, back into the refrigerator, ending in the sofa.

Your phone never ever makes your part. Maybe Not really a sidekick. A sidekick makes your daily life better.

Your phone is a helicopter moms and dad.

“Did you forget to test if you’re Instagram picture has any more loves? You’re at four hearts darling, don’t you want love?”

Notifications are clouds.

They’re constantly while you gaze from the guillotine above you, floating overhead like an executioner waiting to pass sentence.

Notifications are white and black. Sometimes, the cloud unleashes a torrential storm washing away your confidence with your house, whenever your gf of 3 years changes her status to single.

Notifications are great too.

But, also good notifications suck.

Experiencing good is not the goal. Preventing pain is not either.

Your ultimate goal can’t be experiencing good.

The majority of everything you do in order to get what you need, is hard, like untangling the knots of the earbuds that are favorite delivered through the washer & Dryer.

We would like harmony.

To be, as Shakespeare stated.

Not to ever be, does not exist.

You’re here. In this minute now. Instead of the headlines, maybe not anywhere the mass shooting is, but sitting underneath a tree in an extensive available meadow.

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