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ST Bookly Ltd are a Cypriot based multi-product trading company, which deal predominantly with the wholesale market. Our company which formed in 2017 comprises of bringing together expertise from various trade sectors and housing these skills and experience under one roof.

ST Bookly actively trade in FMCG Products, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals and Textiles. The team consists of experts in each field, who have 15+ years experience in their respective area. Having this type of team come together has allowed ST Bookly to reach out to suppliers Worldwide enabling us to provide the best possible prices. We have been able to build our contacts within Europe and Worldwide to ensure we meet clients requirements when it comes to service, pricing and delivery.

ST Bookly

Leading multi-product trading company, dealing with the wholesale market.
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What People Say

“Their performance has exceeded our expectations.”

Melisa Dowen


“I enjoy how professional and honest their team seems to be.”

Emily Clark


“Their ability to overcome obstacles and challenges really stood out.”

Andrea Wilson


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