Maybe not farre out of this towne groweth wealth out of wood vpon the new ragged and cold mountaines

Maybe not farre out of this towne groweth wealth out of wood vpon the new ragged and cold mountaines

To ensure that in the calme euenings the new owners vse to help you carrie wines aboord its barkes regarding the ocean, and purchase their amount of time in consuming and you may vocal

Their brief towne (due to the fact specific thinke) oriented because of the Goths vpon the latest coast of your own Mediterran ocean, is actually distant throughout the streits out-of Gibraltar about fowerscore miles, and you can containeth for the number of flue hundred or so families. The

towne wall surface was out of no force. The brand new population is very element of her or him fishers ; who delivering high wealth out of fish, sodium her or him, and carrie them to sell nearly an hundred or so miles southward. This towne was a student in times prior well-stored with others, but as Portugals joined a comparable area, they hath dropped greatly so you can decay. And you can albeit the inhabitants are valiant, yet will they be rusticall and void of the many humanitie.149 Regarding Bedis, if not entitled Velles de Gumera. Their old towne based vpon this new Mediterran sea-shore, & called from the Spaniards Velles de Gumera, containeth throughout the sixe hundred or so family members. Particular editors discover that affirme it to be oriented from the the newest Africans, although some from the Gothes ; therefore it remaineth as yet vncertaine have been the true creators thereof. It standeth betweene two-high mountaines : and never farre of it there was an effectuer and enormous area, out-of whence commeth a tiny riuer otherwise strearne on towne, alvvaies when it raineth. In the course of the latest towne standeth the business put, and that containeth high store regarding storage. Here is including a great verie stately forehead to-be seene. Water to possess drinke is actually surpassing scarce one of them, to own they are all restricted so you can hotel vnto you to definitely gap otherwise better, staying in brand new suburbes, neere vnto new sepulchre regarding a beneficial certaine man, that was in times past extremely famous included in this. Howbeit on the nights it’s harmful to help you get h2o of thence, because it’s thus full of bloodstream-suckers or pony-leeches. The newest townesmen is out-of two sorts : for the majority feel fishers, and the deposit are pirates, hence day-after-day doe greate harme vnto the fresh Christians. Vpon brand new mountaines grow high shop out-of wood, verie commodious to your building off vessels and of

They haue hardly any corne increasing, in which trigger several eate barley money

galleies. The fresh new populace of which mountaines are practically completely working from the holding of your own told you wood off place to lay. The principall foode is certaine fishes (that Italians call Sardelli) along with other such as fishes. They haue particularly abundance out-of fish, this child alone cannot draw vice-president good net; wherefore whosoeuer will help the new fishermen for the reason that busines, are rewarded with a good store away from fishes because of their labour : yea they generally tend to easily bestow fishes vpon eg passe of the. It salt brand new foresaid Sardelli, and upload these to the mountaines to be released.150 Inside towne discover a long road inhabited with Iewes, wherin stay sundry vintners you to offer advanced wine. Inside towne standeth a faire castle, not good, when the gouernour hath their aboad. And you will neere vnto it castle the newest saide gouernour hath a castle, whereunto belongeth a lot of pleasant yard. Vpon this new coast brand new gouernour buildeth galleies and other vessels wherewith it significantly molest the brand new Christians. Whereupon Ferdinando queen of Spaine getting a beneficial certaine Hands contained in this an excellent mile of towne, created a fort on that, and burada bir göz atmak therefore rooted they which have ordinance and you can souldiers, you to definitely none its temples nor themselues walking from the streets have been 100 % free therefrom, but had been every day slaine. Whereupon the newest gouernour of towne is actually restricted to craue ayde from the queen of Fez, just who distributed a beneficial armie resistant to the Christians; nevertheless they were partially drawn, and partly slaine, to make certain that verie few fled back vnto Fez. Brand new Christians kept that it area nearly a couple yeeres : immediately after which it actually was deceived from the an incorrect trecherous Spaniard (which slew new gouernour of your own area, since the he’d pulled his girlfriend off your) into Moores hands, and all the new Christians was indeed slaine: perhaps not a person

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