Anise-seed (anasna) along with grows plentifully on area ; and that, perhaps, the existing native term

Anise-seed (anasna) along with grows plentifully on area ; and that, perhaps, the existing native term

The fresh new fruits appears a Prunus, nevertheless variety is not known to me, which is similarly strange back at my Moroccan correspondents

because of the treasure-hunters. Mulai Mohammed, the nice building Sultan, started initially to re-erect the properties, and is of their reign this received the name of your ” Light Family”. However, most of the obstacle is positioned about Europeans’ method. There are many unused gardens and other spots inside wall space ; however in circumstances new foreign people rating too-good a hang on the area, and bring about side-effect, building matter is not permitted to pass the new gates, together with export-duty to your maize is 105 percent. Leo’s dysfunction is very wrong ; for besides his random take to at Romans being the creators, it is not 60 miles northern regarding Atlas, or 29 eastern of Azamor. ” Melons and you can pome-citrons” are in the original ” mellone age citrinola”, melons and cucumbers ; maybe pumpkins. “Brand new Area out-of Cadiz, otherwise of your Portugals”, “Isola di Calice a tutta los angeles riviera di Portogallo” Cadiz is on a great peninsula, instead of an island. The existing Italian term is ” Calix”, along with English it once was labeled as ” Cales”. (4) According to Ibn Khaldun (An excellent.D. 1332-1406), followed by Leo, centered of the Yakub este-Mansur (A great.D. We 163-1184). thaifriendly giriÅŸ But that is simple traditions suggested from the title, and there’s nothing to show that it might not features come regarding a later date. Within the Chenier’s big date it actually was simply ” a great wretched palace”. Rohlfs plainly likely to pick an urban area ; in fact the spot are never ever more the brand new fort constructed on a variety of fortified ” Nzla”, or resting-put, where travellers you will definitely admission the night rather than possibility in the robbers infesting the world doing ; even in the event, no doubt, several properties of men and women wanting using the services of the wayfarers gathered up to they. New Kasbah Mansur, for the nothing Wad Mansur (Ce oi ” Guir”=Gir, a familiar term to possess streams one of the Berbers), otherwise Wad durante-Nfifek (the newest swelling lake) to your Renou’s map, is now regarding the all of that remains ; yet into the Mulai el-Yezid’s day, El-Mansuria was still used in their unique mission. (Ezziani, Ettordjemdn Elmdarib, etc., pp. 164, 176.) (5) Nuchaila, or Nucheyla, comprised, into the Leo’s time, from nothing more than a beneficial mosque tower, all other individuals being forgotten throughout the break down with which Yakub el-Mansur decided to go to Temesna (notice dos). You’ll find nothing now-known about this. Inside Marmol’s date it was no further dentro de facts, by malfunction, than just copy from Leo’s. Title may be “Nkhei’la”, a location so named still-existing into Wad Zgid, throughout the

Mulai Abd emergency room-Rahman continued their grandfather’s performs, up to Dar al-Beida (a reputation just present in authoritative account) is now, with the exception of Tangier, new most hectic, if you don’t a knowledgeable port of Morocco, being the master retailer on the maize and you can woolgrowing country at the rear of

Dra Basin, to which, perhaps not improbably, this new survivors of Temesna city fled. (6) Leo means the standing also broadly for the web site is expressed ; but because it is actually shed during Yakub el-Mansur’s peacemaking, when most of the Temesna is turned a wilderness, and five years before contained nothing more than a number of ruins, it’s unrealistic one to their site you may now end up being traced. Marmol dangers the new opinion, probably from the Latin-group of label, so it is founded because of the Romans. You will find several tribal portions about Sus Basin entitled ” Aderdur”. The latest ” vr Adendun” e away from” Aderdun”, a Berber phrase signifying ” resounding”. The latitude indicated is too far north on the date-palm so you’re able to ripen, and much of the nation in that advice is actually ferruginous for the shade. (7) Tegeget, or Tegegilt, off Marmol. It was razed with the preceding urban centers, however, appeared to features attracted a number of population, involved with smith benefit the neighbouring growers. ” Teg”, or ” Tag”, models the original portion and history regarding Berber tribal labels ; however if some thing today remains from it, the brand new village have to be irrelevant. It’s maybe Tezezat, a place supposed to be around the Um emergency room-Rbia. (8) Hain este-Challu, that could perhaps be much more precisely composed ‘Ain el-Kallu, ” the fresh Kallu Spring”-” Ain”, since it forms part of of a lot Berber names, constantly meaning it. When you look at the Leo’s day it looks to own come entirely effaced, although it isn’t impossible that Ain Sbah, southern area of Masurea, scratching its website. The average Morocco toad, and this Leo appeared to be amazed at not looking for venomous, is actually Bufo Mauretanica; however, the guy most likely function the average frog, Rana esculenta. (9) ” Rabato”, throughout the original. ” Not many yeeres back” (ne tempi moderni) must, for example ” grandissima” used on Rabat, be studied in the a relative sense. To own, in reality, according to top government, mcdougal of your Roudh el-Kartas and you will Abd este-Wahed Merakeshi among the most very important, it was started from the Yakub este-Mansur in regards to the season 1190 A great.D., or even more than five years prior to Leo published. Abu-1-feda, yet not, seem to to your suspicious next-hands expert from Ibn-Said, while some copying him, affirms you to definitely Abd el-Mumen is actually the latest builder out-of ” Rabath el-Fath”, he laid out to your make of Iskandariyyah (Alexandria). The guy and mixes it up having Este-Mahadiyyah, or Mahdiyyah, and that M. Solvet, which favours Abd este-Mumen’s claims as inventor, imagines is various other label having Rabat, in order to reference Abd el-Mumen’s name off Mahdi. However, all this is incorrect. Due to the fact M. Fagnan

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