A learning journey of the city-slicker dreaming to call home off the land whenever you can, attempting my hand at growing just as much f d as you can for a regular city plot.

A learning journey of the city-slicker dreaming to call home off the land whenever you can, attempting my hand at growing just as much f d as you can for a regular city plot.

Going Down Da Grid, Janice

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City Farm into the making with a lot of pictures!

New Year’s Plans, Goals & Aspirations

Tim surely could dig and grow the Kyohou Grape vine into the front side garden this weekend! (photos to come) Yaaaaay. This has been a lengthy awaited event and I’m therefore happy he did which means this weekend while the weather has been EXTREMELY HOT the 2009 week, and I’m afraid if this keeps up, the w ds will break dormancy. Now we can breath a quick sigh of relief as this grape can grow to it is prospective this present year and hopefully make a decent crop. ( And maybe we can make grape juice or. even wine! Wine-making. sheesh. another task by itself!)

I am thinking about what I would like to attempt 12 months in 2012. Commensurate with the self-reliance train of thought, I’ve constantly wished to find out more about solar panel systems. So, this present year, I’d like to do just that find out how panels that are solar and even make some. They could be crude, but for a LOT less than if I were to purchase them from a vendor if it works, I can make them. It’ll also lead to a exemplary science project for my son’s on-going homesch ling. Plus, it is simply RAD(ha! who utilizes that word anymore, right?) to understand you have the “power”, yes. cheesy pun intended. Therefore, hopefully by the conclusion of the we’ll figure out how to convert Photons into Electrons with charge year!

Another objective let me pursue, is discover the ropes on attempting to sell some fruits that are excess our yard at our neighborh d Farmer’s marketplace. I never ever been business oriented, but we now have a g d amount of fresh fruit of course it helps our income, that would be AMAZING!

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We are additionally considering increasing rabbits. You may be wondering, exactly what for? As pets? Well. we’re wanting to figure this 1 t . We are all city-slickers. We’ve never ever been raised on a farm (including my mother). Therefore increasing pets for meat does make us somewhat queasy. Therefore, we’re going to raise them at first, then decide whenever we have actually the “guts” (oh no, another pun) to do the work that is dirty. Meanwhile, they do make exceptional manures that may be used nearly immediately into the gardens, as they are not as “hot” as chicken or cow manures. Whenever we feed them to your worms, it might result in the richest soil EVER as well.

If push comes to shove on meals becoming scarce, we’ve a backup policy for a protein supply.

May that Kyohou Grape vine thrive in its location that is new and many grapes for you within the coming years. Building your own solar panel would quite an appealing task and absolutely a fascinating learning experience for the son. Can’t wait to understand rabbits. )

Ah, Janice! Exactly what a post that is swell If only you the very best of luck on every one of these endeavors! Quickly possibly your website will likely be bursting not just with photos of awesome yard bounty, but of fuzzy bunnies that are little.

Raising rabbits for fertilizer is really a SMART move!

I was also considering carrying this out in 2011 but held off for now since we scaled our yard straight back a little. We think if we have actually young ones it will make more feeling to have rabbits. While my mom consumed rabbits throughout the Great Depression for f d, we want our rabbits as animals and fertilizer purposes. As animals we want our youngsters to handle them so the rabbits are loved while having a lot of human interaction.

What awesome goals! Pleased New Year )-Jaime

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